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Our Story

Nicole & Santiago

This is us, Nicole and Santiago, two young Colombian lovers who have shared our lives for 20 years. We created this project/brand together in 2020. We are driven by a passion to craft functional products utilizing locally-sourced raw materials, paired with fresh designs and uncompromising quality.

Our commitment extends to collaborating solely with elite artisans, ensuring meticulous attention to detail in every piece. Welcome to our home, welcome to CoffeeRugs.

our rugs are


No, they're not made of coffee, but they carry a rich history woven into their fibers.

Each rug is crafted from the same plant fibers (Sisal/Fique) that once transported Colombian coffee beans.

We've processed and transformed these natural fibers differently into sisal stunning rugs, preserving their heritage in every thread.

So while they won't make you a fresh brew, they'll definitely infuse your space with a cozy vibe and a nod to coffee culture!


We take care, from the intricate drawings to the vibrant natural colors. And with our dedicated workshop in Colombia by our side, we're able to bring these rugs to life with passion and purpose.


The products are then crafted in two expert workshops, located in Santander and Bogota, Colombia. Production is exclusively conducted on-site, with every step of the process meticulously crafted by hand on looms.

Our amazing team of 50 people is a blend of exceptional artisans and fantastic logistics professionals who collaborate to make this endeavor possible.


At the heart of our operation, we seamlessly navigate the entire logistics journey from our vibrant workshop in Bogota to the bustling warehouse hub in NYC. With our dedicated team and streamlined processes, we proudly deliver our crafted pieces to our customers in just 3 days.