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Braided Sisal Doormat Guava Color

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This handmade sisal rug brings the beauty of the tropics indoors. Crafted from natural sisal fibers in a stunning guava color, it will instantly brighten any entryway with its vibrant hue and texture. The mat is woven vertically in narrow strips on a traditional loom, giving it a braided pattern that's both decorative and durable.


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No, they're not made of coffee, but they carry a rich history woven into their fibers. Each rug is crafted from the same plant fibers (Sisal/Fique) that once transported Colombian coffee beans.

We've processed and transformed these natural fibers differently into sisal stunning rugs, preserving their heritage in every thread.

So while they won't make you a fresh brew, they'll definitely infuse your space with a cozy vibe and a nod to coffee culture!